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April 11 2015 0 comments
Advantages of personal meeting with Job Consultant

1. Preliminary screening & short listing is done by personal meeting & matching the client requirement

2. Necessary correction & suitable modification is suggested in the CV if absolutely required 

3. Helps us in finding suitable opening after discussion and inter action

4. To understand profile and nature of candidate for suitable placement

5. Appraise the specific requirement of client and match along with skill set of the candidate.

6. Ease of application leads to over application and HR Managers / Clients don't want to go through thousands of applications - no one has that much time. They would ideally like to see a few highly relevant CVs to choose from, and that is the service that the head hunter provides to you.

7. There might be thousands of jobs on offer but you just want one. While searching on websites, you might never reach that 'one' job which was for you. Again, the consultant comes handy over there.

8. Client depends on job consultant's recommendation because their experience.

9. When we meet to discuss various career options available for you at that time we screen you for all our client and perfect job matching is done. We cannot send candidates without meeting them personally as client depend on us for proper screening of candidate as you expect perfect call.

10. We maintain confidentiality of client and candidates.

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